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Transparency Verve Standard
mostly referred to as Rock Flashbacks series
Verve standard
Verve 2352 057 Idem
  • UK pressing
  • compilation with Why don’t you do me right + Big Leg Emma
  • sleeve printed by James Upton Ltd
  • Excerpts from We're only in it for the money have the same censorship as the "heavily censored" versions (US, UK, German)

  • Found this variant on Ebay: Album Information: A compilation of the early years of FZ and the MOI.
    An important record as it contains the mega rare singles Big Leg emma and Why Donít You Do Me Right in Mono and the only time they appear on a Verve record at 33rpm.
    This first press cover incorrectly states these two tracks were never released in the UK - wrong - they were.
    This error was soon corrected so the later issues had the incorrect text removed making this cover quite rare and collectable for FZ fans.
    This original cover also has the Rock Flashbacks special price sticker still on the front, again not on the later versions. The cover is nice too, with a great FZ picture on the colour slide front. This record is essential for any serious FZ collector, especially with the original error text on the front.

  • The part from Lumpy Gravy is called Excerpts from Lumpy Gravy The Abnuceals Emuukha Electric Symphony Orchestra & Chorus.
    It's been built up from 3 pieces of side 1 of Lumpy Gravy (my German vinyl):
    1st part: starting at the LP at 1:38 to 3:40 (Oh No)
    2nd part: starting at the LP at 6:55 to 9:15 (Oh No)
    3rd part: starting at the LP at 4:49 to 5:16 (How do you get your water so dark ... it's from Kansas).
Verve 2304 268 in France as mentioned on
Transparency Rock Flashbacks sticker
Rock Flashbacks
Verve special
Verve special