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Overnite Sensation
Overnight Sensation
DIS 41 000 MS 2149 31629 HM 20234 1-4-8
  • Dutch pressing
  • foldout cover
Overnite Sensation quadradisc
Overnight Sensation quadradisc
MS4-2149 MS4-2149 31629 "QUAD" 1A T.H.
  • U.S. pressing
  • foldout cover
  • mastered at JVC cutting center inc. Hollywood

MS 2149 US
Over-nite US
50 14 356 Arg
Over-nite Argentina
US promo
Over-nite promo
Uruguay 113.010
Uruguay 113010
German DIS 4100
German DIS 41000
Canada MS 2149
Greece WS 0395
Greece WB
Argentina mono promo
UK K 41000
UK K 41000
France WB 41000
Japan P 8389
Mexico GX 01-695
New Zealand MS 2149
Picture disk
Portugal DIS 41000
Uruguay Promo 1113-010
U.S. Old Masters BPR 9999-3
U.S. reissue 36-146
U.S. typo DS 2149
France 41000
France 41000
U.S. MS 2149 Burbank
U.S. MS 2149

The original Discreet sleeve has no title on the front of the sleeve. The Ozzie and Spanish sleeve do.
Ozzie Discreet sleeve with title Frank Zappa and the Mothers
Ozzie sleeve
Spanish Reprise sleeve with title Frank Zappa and the Mothers
Over-nite Sensation

Spain sleeve
Mexico sticker Exito Repentino
mexico sticker