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The Vinyl Question  Scans & Labels

ZAPPA VINYL LABELS: STUFF UP THE CRACKS is a site that shows you scans of labels and (parts of) album covers of Frank Zappa and/or Mothers of Invention vinyl gramophone records that were released a long time ago in different countries. Since 1996 no new Zappa album was released on vinyl.  BUT in 2009 Hot Rats was re-released on vinyl from the original analog master tape.

Thank you Ton van Mierle, Slime oofytv.set, Christian Testor, Eric, Per Erik, Petter Janse, Ommadown, JayPfunk, Monoman, Hans Bohlmeijer, Micha Rautenberg, Thomas Marrot, Scott Pellerine and many more for sending me scans and other information. 

You might want to ad your scans of Zappa vinyl labels or any other information.
Do it and you'll earn eternal fame!

2009 June 2: Found this old 1994 Zappa Records Catalog
May: Scans of sleeves & labels of Spanish records by Roman Garcia, for Australia, New Zealand, Taiwan and Korea check out  Zappa in Australia
Oct: Label scans of 7" to 12" maxi singles at ZappaFrenzy
Dec 1: alphabetical index
Dec 2: some updating of Censorship on WOIIFTM
May 11: Japanese We're only in it for the money SMV 1115
June 21: new labels of WOIIFTM, LG, Abs Free, BWS and Hot Rats (Canada 3 colour label)
Aug 15: 200 Motels (Greece & censored OZ reissue), Dutch Jabfla

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Disclaimer: If anyone (who has legal rights to the name and/or artwork of Frank Zappa) has a problem with the representations of the name, labels and (parts of) album covers of Franks Zappa and/or Mothers of Invention albums, let me know at
I will then remove all of the site's contents because then there is no reason to maintain this site. It will probably turn up as a Celine Dion fan site?

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